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ESPHOME POE Bluetooth Proxy/Zigbee

UZG-01 utilizes ESP32 chip so can be used as a ESPHome Bluetooth Proxy adapter for Home Assistant.

UZG-01 - ESPHome Bluetooth proxy mode

So with UZG-01 you can have:

  • ESPHome Bluetooth Proxy
  • ESPHome BTProxy & Zigbee (Mixed)
  • ESPHome Zigbee

ESPHome BTProxy & Zigbee - Not recommended

Use at your own risk,may occur interference between Zigbee & Bluetooth
Recommended to test very well before using in production environment


All ESPHome based firmware's are working over Ethernet.
For Wifi please download .yaml file and edit accordingly.

How to set-up your UZG-01 as ESPHome Bluetooth proxy

You can install using two methods described below:

Web Installation

  1. Plug in your UZG-01 to a USB port. Select firmware for your device
  2. Hit "Install" and select the correct COM port. No device found?
  3. Get UZG-01 selected firmware installed and connected in less than 3 minutes!
Use Chrome Desktop Not allowed to use this on HTTP!

Powered by ESP Web Tools

Manual Installation

  1. Generate ESPHome firmware based on the following ESPHome BTProxy YAML configuration files:
  1. Flash you generated firmware to your UZG-01's ESP32 chip following the Official manual.
  2. Follow official ESPHome BTProxy component documentation for proper end-devices set-up.