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  • Power the UZG-01 using USB-C Type or PoE 802.3af
  • Zigbee over LAN,USB,WiFI is supported.
  • Main chips used are ESP32,LAN8720,CH340C
  • TI CC2652P2 with +20db amplifier incorporated. NEW CC2652P7 is used in hardware revision v0.2+
  • TI CC2652P7 is used in all new hardware starting from v0.2+ . Support of up to 300 Zigbee Devices.
  • It supports both Coordinator and Router modes.
  • 3 LEDs on UZG-01 enable user feedback and alerts.
    • BLUE - Power Indication
    • RED - Working Mode USB/LABLUE
    • YELLOW - Z2M Connection
  • DIY Pinouts are available.
  • Change working modes with just a button press.
    • Single Press - Change between USB/LAN Mode
    • Hold (2-4 sec) - Controll LED's ON/OFF
    • Hold (4-8 sec) - Activate Flashing Mode
    • Hold (10+ sec) on power up will RESET device
  • Update ESP32 & CC2652P firmware over LAN/Internet/USB
  • Security authentification
  • Open Source Firmware
  • Compact shape - 73x72x27mm
  • Plug & Play, comes pre-flashed